Solar Wide Range of Product

Solar Street Light

  • Unique Features :
  • Customized varients available in CFL and LED luminary.
  • Automatic switch ON & OFF system from dusk to dawn.
  • Easy Installation and maintenance.
  • Long hours backup with autonomy.
  • Guaranteed recharge through
  • Solarit power PV modules.
  • Weather proof luminaries.
  • Service and repair facility.
  • Low maintenance required.

Solar Water Pump

  • Unique Features :
  • Attractive capital subsidies from Central Govt. and State Govt.
  • Low maintenance system.
  • Freedom from grid dependancy for the farmers in irrigation.
  • No requirement of diesel to run it, so no use of fossil fuel.
  • Reduction in carbon emission.

Solar Water Heater

  • Unique Features :
  • Our Solar water heaters are supported by specially designed collectors to harness sun energy at high-density.
  • PUF insulation for efficient heating.
  • Our Solar water heaters solutions have a variety of low & medium temperature applications for domestic and institutional use.
  • Our team of qualified commissioning engineers and technicians are equipped to provide both components and turnkey solutions.

Solar Home Lighting System

  • Unique Features :
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compact & attractive in design.
  • Sufficient battery backup for rainy season.
  • Charging time of 5 hours on clear sunny day.
  • Daily 4 hours of operation.
  • Electric sub-assembly easily replaceable in case of fault occurrences.
  • Minimum maintenance required.

Solar Lantern

  • Unique Features :
  • Available in CFL & LED Luminary.
  • Long lasting high strength polymer body.
  • Long hours backup.
  • Port for recharge through grid energy.
  • Inbuilt port available for mobile charging.
  • Easily repairable.
  • Minimum maintenance required.

Led Bulb & Tube

  • Unique Features :
  • Energy Saving upto 70%.
  • Long Life > 50,000 Hours.
  • No fluctuations, No dimming.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Easily repairable.
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